Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Newest Project

I crocheted this sweater for my baby--I used acrylic worsted yarn and an H hook.  It turned out pretty cute, although it can stand up by itself!  I think I need to look for yarn that has a better drape.  Any suggestions for a good drapey yarn that is still durable for a baby, ie machine washable?  Is that asking too much of yarn?

PS She is not happy that I was making her stand still for the picture. ;)


  1. I have found that sometimes when you make something from the acrylic worsted yarn if you wash and dry it before you put it on a little one, it seems to soften it up. I have done it after crocheting stuffed toys and it makes it softer and better for little people.

  2. Superwash wool is pretty nice nowadays. I've crocheted a few cardigans for newborns and they are holding up pretty well. Drapes well, launder in cold, dry on delicate or hang.